QuestMyre Series by Author HaaJar Johnson

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Book Summary
Young Robin falls asleep on a park bench after vowing to never return to her foster home again and awakes to find herself in the "House of Intrigues".  To her it is nothing more than an odd looking house with tiny wooden dolls in every room and a strange butler who walks stealthily throughout the house to ensure nothing is out of order.  However, Robin soon learns that she has somehow been transported to a new world called "Source One".  Source One is a tricky place where every word and thought may transport one to alien realities, times and space. 

Walk with Robin as she finds her way in and out of worlds, meets new creatures and makes both friends and enemies along the way.  After reading Robins adventures, rejoin the QuestMyre saga to see what great things will happen next...

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Book 1: Robin's Awakening
Book 2: The Land of Mists & Mirrors

Book 3:  The Guardian's Bell

Book 4: The Soul Monopoly
Book 5:  The Untouchable World